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By Altus Group | January 23, 2020

On January 13th, every property owner in Nova Scotia will start receiving their Assessment Notice. The only way to reduce your property tax is to manage the assessed value on which the tax rates are based. The deadline for appeal is 31 days from the date of receipt of your assessment notice.

Should you appeal your assessment?


  • Has your assessment been reviewed/appealed recently?
  • Is your investment property suffering from extraordinary tenant vacancy?
  • Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) has recently changed their valuation method for income producing properties. This may result in overstated assessed values in some cases.
  • For owner-occupied properties, does the assessment reflect enough economic
    depreciation? In a number of cases, purpose built real estate often costs significantly more
    than what it can generate in terms of “market value” on the open market and therefore
    may be over-assessed.

How can Altus Group help?

Altus represents some of the largest property owners in the country and we have saved millions of dollars in property taxes to a varied client base. No job is too small or too large for us. We have proven experience with the assessment authority combined with our information technology capabilities; we are well-positioned to provide you with sound advice in regards to property taxes and to ensure the tax burden levied against your property is the lowest possible one.

What should I do next?

Do you have questions about your assessed value? Contact Altus Group or email your assessment notice to our office and we will advise you on what activity should be completed for 2020.

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