Accelerating the Innovation Agenda in Commercial Real Estate

Are key transformative technologies driving change? Read our Annual CRE Innovation Report to find out.

Virtually every industry is trying to create greater value through process efficiencies, better data and analytics and new applications that help to streamline business, and the commercial real estate (CRE) industry is no different.  While some participants in the industry are playing catch-up, there exists a rapidly growing awareness of the impact transformative technology can deliver, and leading CRE organizations are already beginning to, or have already, put this into play.

Historically an underserved industry in terms of technology development, CRE is now attracting increasing amounts of technology venture capital investment – so much that investors have formalized the category with their own buzzword, “PropTech”.

The past 24 months have especially seen a rapid emergence of new applications and solutions designed to address specific challenges and pain points while also opening up new revenue and market opportunities – often transforming traditional processes along the way.

The Results

Altus Group’s latest CRE Innovation Report is based on a global quantitative survey of 400 CRE C-level and senior executives in both front and back office positions at owner-operator and owner-investor firms in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

This report addresses the following questions:

  • How prepared is the CRE industry to embrace the next phase of technology innovation?
  • Where does the industry recognize the potential impacts of “game-changing” disruptive technologies?
  • Where do CRE executives see the biggest risks and opportunities associated with disruptive change?