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By Altus Group | May 22, 2020

Altus Group continues to follow developments as all levels of government respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is what we know so far:

Important reminder for Western Canada (rural AB and SK) – 2020 Property Tax notices have been issued

With so many offices closed or partially closed, we want to call attention to tax notices being mailed throughout western Canada.

While many jurisdictions have deferred their payment due date, there are some that have not or that are offering significant discounts for early payment.

Don’t miss a tax discount or due date!

Please have your mailroom checked regularly for tax notices and communications from municipalities. Be in touch if you have questions about any municipality in particular. Our team is tracking all mailing dates, discount and due dates.

Edmonton deferral program

Edmonton has announced a 60 day tax due date extension. 2020 Taxes are due July 1 but no interest or penalties will be charged if paid by Aug 31, 2020. If you are on the TIPPs program and require a deferral you can complete the form (link is on the reference page) or call 311. This must be done before the 20th of the month. All deferred payments and September payment are due Sept 1, 2020 to avoid penalties and interest.


Final Edmonton 2020 tax rates

City of Edmonton Property Tax Rates 2020 – April 29 2020

Residential Tax Rate2019 Rate2020 RateΔYoY
Other Residential Tax Rate2019 Rate2020 RateΔYoY
Non-Residential Tax Rate2019 Rate2020 RateΔYoY
Tax Rate Ratio2019 Ratio2020 RatioΔYoY
Total Non-Res / Res2.412.38-0.99%
Municipal Non-Res / Res2.752.71-1.45%

Alberta Tax Payment Updates

  • Calgary and Edmonton will be mailing Tax Bills in May, as usual, with June 30 stated payment deadlines, however all late fees will be waived if full payment is received prior to September 30 in Calgary and August 31 in Edmonton.
  • If you are on the monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) in Calgary or Monthly Payment Program in Edmonton, you can defer your May through September TIPP payments. If you do so, all missed payments will be due on September 30.
  • In Calgary, if you wish to cancel your May 1 TIPP payment, you need to do this prior to April 22. You can do this by calling 311 or following the instructions contained in this link.
  • In Edmonton, if you want to cancel your May 1 Monthly Payment Program payment you have to do so by today, April 20. This can be done by calling 311 or e-mailing  You must include your address and roll number, as well as the months you wish to defer in your e-mail.  Also, please note that Edmonton is only allowing April through August payment deferrals, at this time.  All deferred payments will be due on September 1.
  • For Calgary TIPP payers, the province has also automatically removed the provincial portion of your payment (approx. 20%). This deferred amount will be due in full on September 30.  If you wish to opt back in and restore the full payment, avoiding the large September payment, you need to inform the City.


New Appeal and Assessment Request for Information (ARFI) Deadlines

  • For Alberta municipalities that issued Assessment Notices after Jan 31, the deadline to appeal your assessment is now July 1, 2020 or 60 days from Assessment Mailing date, whichever is later. This does not affect Calgary and Edmonton.
  • The ARFI deadline has been moved to July 1, or within 60 days from the date of request, whichever is later.

Calgary Municipal property tax deferral plan

Calgary City Council passed the 2020 Tax By-Law late yesterday afternoon (April 6, 2020). The key development we have been waiting for is the COVID-19 Tax deferral plan. Terms of the deferral program were finalized along with the By-Law and the key points are:

  • Property Taxpayers that typically pay their annual taxes prior to the June 30 deadline now may defer that payment until September 30, 2020 without penalty.
  • Taxpayers enrolled in the monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP) now may defer those payments until October 2020, without penalty. Taxpayers on TIPP who wish to defer are required to cancel their TIPP payments altogether, and re-enroll in the program by September 22, or earlier if they are able to do so. Any missed payments will be required to be made up in a lump sum upon re-enrollment, although phased payback terms may be possible on an individual basis.
  • Unpaid amounts after September 30 will be subject to 7% payment penalty.

This deferral aligns with the 6 month deferral previously announced by the Province of Alberta with respect to the provincial portion of your property tax.

Click here for further payment details:

Provincial deferral update (Calgary)

If you are enrolled in the TIPP monthly payment program, you might have noticed your April 1 installment was lower than previous months. This is because the City has automatically deferred the entire provincial portion for April-September payments. At this time, deferred amounts will need to be paid back in full prior to the end of 2020 to avoid penalties, but this is still being resolved with the Province and may change. If you would rather maintain the full payments to avoid higher payments at the end of the year, you can opt back in but are required to inform the City of that intent by April 22.

Final Calgary 2020 tax rates

City of Calgary Property Tax Rates 2020 – April 6 2020
Residential Tax Rate2019 Rate2020 Rate*ΔYoY
Non-Residential Tax Rate2019 Rate2020 Rate*ΔYoY
Tax Rate Ratio2019 Ratio2020 RatioΔYoY
Total Non-Res / Res3.312.57-22.20%
Municipal Non-Res / Res4.223.31-21.50%
*Total Non-Residential Tax Rate is net of the City’s 1.5% rebate. 

Edmonton deferral program

Edmonton has yet to pass their tax by-law but have announced that one time payments can be made as late as August 31, 2020 without penalties or interest. If you are on the TIPPs program and require a deferral you can send them an email requesting deferrals at with the property information and all the months you want deferred from May to Sept 2020. This must be done before the 20th of the month.

Altus will keep you informed

Thanks for continuing to look to Altus Group for information as we all navigate these uncharted waters. We are regularly updating the table summarizing deferral programs in cities across Canada.

We empathize with the challenges you are facing and we hope for better news in the coming days and weeks and that we have the opportunity to resume a semblance of regular life sooner than later.

As always, if you have any questions please contact any of our Altus Group representatives.

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