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By Altus Group | January 12, 2018

On December 13, 2018 the Honourable Shaye Anderson approved the Minister’s Guidelines for Linear Property, Machinery & Equipment, Railway, and Farm Land. The bulletin outlining the approved 2018 Alberta assessment year modifiers (AYM) was released concurrently.

Industry stakeholders had proposed no change to pipelines or machinery & equipment and a reduction to well modifiers; however, Municipal Affairs has responded with increased modifiers for wells, pipelines, electric power systems and railway.

Machinery & Equipment and Telecommunication Carriers have both been reduced slightly.

Please see below for the complete list of approved AYMs for 2019 tax year assessment.

Property Type 2017 AYM 2018 Confirmed AYM Percent change from 2017 AYM to 2018 AYM
Wells 1.175 1.200 2.13%
Pipelines 0.971 1.019 4.94%
Electric power 1.435 1.470 2.44%
Telecommunication carriers 1.152 1.150 -0.17%
Cable distribution undertakings 1.389 1.389 0%
Machinery and Equipment 1.40 1.399 -0.07%
Railway 1.37 1.410 2.92%

Regulated assessment rates in the province currently reflect a 2005 base cost and are adjusted each year through the AYM process to bring the value to the present assessment year. The AYM’s are approved annually by the Minister of Municipal Affairs. Click here to review the Assessment Bulletin, Bulletin No. 18-04.

Executive Summary of Our Information Session January 22

Altus Group hosted an informative session of how the AYM and other assessment changes will impact your 2019 tax liabilities on January 22, 2019.

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