By Altus Group | January 13, 2020

Introducing the latest updates to ARGUS Voyanta, available now! The latest updates introduce a number of key enhancements to  lease and debt management. 

Leasing Updates 

First, a variety of new data points have been added to the leasing model and its corresponding leasing reports. These additions help ensure that Asset Managers have everything they need to know about their tenants and leases available in one place. 

Turnover Rent 

Included in the leasing enhancements is a new report and data source covering turnover rent. This enables Asset Managers to track and analyse retail leases that include a percentage of turnover as part of the rent. 


In order to help funds capture the way they have hedged a loan, two new data submission templates (DSTs) have been added, Debt Hedging and Debt Hedging Status.

  • The Debt Hedging DST enables you to store details of derivative hedges made against your Debt Facilities to mitigate risk factors such as currency or interest rate movement. 
  • The Debt Hedging Status DST can be used to track changes to these over time.


Finally, a large number of data points have been added to the debt model.These fields will be of benefit to any user who wishes to use ARGUS Voyanta  to manage a debt portfolio.

And More…

For the complete list of new features please see the ARGUS Voyanta Release Notes.


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