By Altus Group | March 18, 2021

ARGUS Training Manager – Americas, Jessica Leal, shares her insights about the different types of real estate funds that exist in commercial real estate and the people involved. Watch the video and read the entire transcript below.




“What is a Real Estate Fund?,” Transcript

Hello, my name is Jessica Leal and I’m the Training Manager for our Americas region, and today we’re going to talk about really viewing data from a fund level through ARGUS Enterprise. Now, this video is serving as a bit of a follow up to our insights article, What is a Real Estate Fund?

And this article is great because it discusses the different types of real estate funds that there are. And it also discusses the different parties involved in real estate funds, for instance, our general partner and our limited partners. And so we’ve discussed in some of our prior videos modeling data in an individual property level through ARGUS Enterprise(AE) or through ARGUS Developer(AD).

And we’ve even seen portfolio roll-ups, in ARGUS Enterprise, where we could see consolidated cash flows, but now we’re going to look at an even higher level, the fund level. And, in order to do this, we’re actually going to use ARGUS Taliance. So let’s go ahead and let’s get into (ARGUS)Taliance. Now, once I am in ARGUS Taliance (AT), I will automatically be in my entity list. And this is where we can go in and we can add in entities on an asset level. We can add in entities on a fund level as well as an investor level.

And you can see that it doesn’t only stop there. I also have entities associated with debt and associated with joint ventures associated with REITS as well as even waterfalls. So you can add in any entities that you need. And once you have these entities added, you then have the ability to go in and create relationships between these entities. So, if I navigate over to that relationships tab, we can see what relationships are already created here. So, you could see that I have relationships associated with my debt under our borrow section. I have relationships associated with our investors and waterfalls under that distribute section. And I also have relationships under that own section as well. Whether it’s between a fund and an asset, whether it’s between an investor and a fund, I have the ability to go in and define these relationships in ARGUS Taliance.

Now, once I have those relationships defined, I can then do a few different things. So, I have the ability to take a look at reports. For instance, if it’s for a particular asset, I can just click on that property name, select what attributes set I want to view, for instance, a property cash flow. Then I could take a look at that report. Now, I also have the ability to, for instance, take a look at waterfall distributions within ARGUS Taliance as well. So, I could click on that waterfall entity, go up to my attributes set, let’s say I want to view our waterfall master and then I can actually see the details of this waterfall distribution, the different tiers that are within it. I could see our limited partners summary as well as our general partner summary. And now not only can I view different reports within ARGUS Enterprise, I also have the ability to take a look at a visual representation of these relationships within ARGUS Taliance as well through our diagram tab. So, I can navigate to that diagram tab and I can choose what diagram, I want to view. And this gives you a visual representation of the relationships that you have created.

So, for instance, I can see what investors are investing into our fund. I can also see what properties make up that fund. Now, I also think that it is great to point out as well, that when it comes to getting this information into ARGUS Taliance, you, of course, can manually enter this information in. However, you also have the ability to import in property assets from ARGUS Enterprise. So that is actually it for our insights video this week. We do hope that you enjoyed it. And remember, if you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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