By Altus Group | December 13, 2019

Last month, we announced the launch of the ARGUS API, a gateway that provides integration capability through an extensive set of available APIs (application programming interface) to connect cloud-enabled ARGUS solutions with other customer applications and data. We are pleased to announce that the ARGUS API is now available to customers globally!

We sat down with Dhinaker Dhandi, VP of Product Management at Altus Group, to ask him a few questions about the release of the ARGUS API. Read the transcript below or watch the video.


Q: What have we announced regarding the ARGUS API?

We have capabilities today that allow you to extract or update information into ARGUS. But we understand that we need to enhance these capabilities to help asset managers, investors, or acquisition teams look at the most accurate data for decision making. Based on feedback from customers, peers, and partners within this industry, we wanted to enhance the integration capabilities further for our customers to seamlessly move their ARGUS data across all their applications. This is where ARGUS API comes in.

Q: What is the ARGUS API?

The ARGUS API is a cloud-based interface that will allow users to extract or ingest data into their ARGUS models or ARGUS database without using the ARGUS application. The ARGUS API will enable our customers to create automatic integrations between ARGUS solutions and other third-party offerings, saving time and improving data quality. What is even more exciting and empowering for our users is the ability to leverage the ARGUS calc. engine more effectively across their workflows using the ARGUS API. Using the ARGUS API, clients will have the ability to update specific information about the models, rerun the calculations, and retrieve the updated results without having to log into the ARGUS application.

Q: What are some of the customer challenges we have identified?

Throughout our conversations with our customers, we’ve identified that one of the biggest challenges that they’re facing is on maintaining data consistency and data transparency across different systems. For example, asset managers have expressed challenges around maintaining data across different systems. Today, asset managers spend a lot of time managing data instead of managing their assets. ARGUS Enterprise maintains a lot of their critical information about assets and portfolios. But they also maintain similar and other critical information in different systems. For example, they maintain rental information in ERP systems or lease deal data in lease management systems. Today, asset managers and their teams spend a lot of time in managing data using manual processes or elaborate file-based integrations to ensure that the information that they’re using is accurate.

Another example is the acquisition workflow. The acquisition of a property requires involvement from brokers, lenders, acquisition analysts, the investment committee, and many others. These stakeholders are served by an ecosystem of real estate applications such as PM systems, loan management systems, or asset management tools. To successfully execute the workflow, these stakeholders need to seamlessly swap information between all these tools and ensure that they’re working on the most up to date and accurate information at all times.

We’re really excited about ARGUS API. And we would like to thank our customers, particularly the members of the ARGUS innovators and leading CRE solutions that are working with us and helping us deliver this solution and build a more connected CRE ecosystem.

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