By Altus Group | October 10, 2019

We are pleased to share the latest enhancements to ARGUS Acquire, our deal and model management solution for acquisitions teams.The latest update introduces ARGUS Acquire to global acquisitions teams and improves reporting capabilities for all users. . 

ARGUS Acquire now supports acquisitions teams around the globe! 

Until recently, currency and other settings that can vary regionally (e.g.. area measure units, number format and date format) limited the range of ARGUS Acquire’s functionality to North America. Now, flexible currency,area measure, number format and date format settings ensure that no matter where in the world you’re operating (or acquiring assets) that ARGUS Acquire has you covered.

Users (admins) are now able to select a master currency their organization will report in. This provides the ability to toggle between viewing the pipeline and all deals in that master currency or in the deal’s local currency, helping compare deals like for like. Of course, area measure can also be selected at a master and deal level as well.

To handle currency conversion, ARGUS Acquire provides access to ARGUS Enterprise’s (AE) Currency Scenarios which keep conversions consistent. For users who don’t wish to use AE currency scenarios and to ensure Acquire supports multi-currency out of the box, a platform currency scenario is also available that leverages exchange rates from the ECB that are updated daily.

Brand New Tabular Pipeline View

The latest release of ARGUS Acquire also introduces a new tabular pipeline view, which replaces the existing pipeline view with a much more flexible version. This view allows you to select up to 20 columns (from 40) and sort by any of those columns.

Tabular pipeline view

The tabular pipeline view


Not only does this mean it’s easier to access specific information but it means that everyone who uses ARGUS Acquire whether they’re in Acquisitions, Asset Management, Finance or Legal, gets precisely the right information when they open ARGUS Acquire.


Acquire Filters In addition to the tabular view itself we’ve added 11 powerful new filters via an intuitive mini-workflow. Users can apply multiple filters at once which is particularly useful on the closed deals. That’s because it transforms those closed deals into an internal comps database. So no more searching through shared drives or dozens of AE files to find comps – a few clicks via filters and acquisitions analysts will have all that information at their fingertips.


Learn more about how ARGUS Acquire enables your team to efficiently construct sound financial models, pitch winning deal strategies, and meet capital deployment targets.


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