By Altus Group | January 17, 2020


With the release of ARGUS Taliance Winter ’20, we are pleased to share the latest enhancements to ARGUS Taliance, including our improvement to scenario creation and the new ability to store their results using the new feature snapshot.


Create scenarios intuitively

In this version of ARGUS Taliance, we slightly changed how to run a scenario. You now have, the possibility to add hypotheses whenever you want, with a few clicks at any time during the modeling process.
Add a scenario easily without using a dedicated creation screen.

Any entity-level changes to attributes, characteristics and relationships are added to the selected scenario.
In order to improve your user experience, we have added a colored tab that tells you which workspace you are in.

Take decision faster using Snapshots

The new snapshot function creates a copy of your results, based on the main scenario or alternative scenarios.


You can compare different snapshots in ARGUS Taliance.
The snapshot could correspond to several versions of your results at the time frame as the Core scenario, but could also be several results in the time frame of the alternative scenarios, this will help you to make comparisons between:

  • 2 core scenarios at 2 different times (Q1 and Q2 for instance)
  • 2 alternative scenarios with each other
  • The core scenario versus an alternative one



Other new features:

In addition to that we also added some new features related to Taliance community incubator.
All the new features of ARGUS Taliance  Winter ’20 are explained in detail in the release notes available on the community at this link.


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