By Altus Group | June 4, 2019

With the release of ARGUS Taliance Summer ’19, we are pleased to share the latest enhancement to ARGUS Taliance, our new display mode compare dimension for analyst teams. Users can now compare estimated value vs actuals by displaying amount or % difference.


Compare your forecasted and actuals values in one click

Use the new dimension comparison display mode to easily compare two different values for the same period. If you want to compare your estimation of future (forecast) with your current data (actuals) you can do it now.You have now the possibility to compare the budget and the actual budget, or the forecast (longer term than the budget) and the actual budget, or the scenario of acquiring an asset  and the actual budget (what really happened).

Easily measure your asset vs plan

ARGUS Taliance also gives you the choice to calculate the difference between the two dimensions you want to compare. Thus, in one click you can visualize the difference in value or in percentage.


Native indicators will allow you to avoid errors

The display is very intuitive, it will quickly detect your errors, discrepancies and data non-receipt. If the difference is positive (dimension 2 – dimension 1), the color of the result is green. If the difference is negative, the color of the result is red.


Other new features:

In addition to that we also added some new features related to Taliance community incubator.

All the new features of ARGUS Taliance Summer ’19 are explained in detail in the release notes available on the community at this link.


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