By Altus Group | April 15, 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

Based on the current developments regarding COVID-19, Altus Group has taken actions and put in place a series of policies to protect both employees and their families as well as our clients and partners that we work with closely. We are placing a high priority on maintaining business continuity and are taking steps to ensure we continue to serve and support our thousands of clients globally without business interruption in a secure and efficient manner.

Altus Group has instructed all employees to work from home where possible while ensuring full business continuity is maintained for our customers globally.

Software and Systems

All ARGUS online platform and on-premise licensed solutions including ARGUS Cloud, ARGUS Enterprise, ARGUS Developer, ARGUS EstateMaster, ARGUS Voyanta, ARGUS Taliance, and ARGUS Acquire are completely unaffected and fully operational.  All online production environments are available in the cloud using Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure and are accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world. As always, if any issues arise, our global team will be able to respond and address these remotely.

Customer Support

Customer support is fully operational and ready to help. Our teams are located across the globe to help our customers using a variety of methods. Clients may contact us through the online customer portal through our technical support line or online chat on the ARGUS website. Additionally, our customer portal provides an extensive library of knowledge base articles and the ability to submit and track support issues online.

Events and Meetings

In many cases where conferences and events are concerned, we have cancelled our attendance at many industry conferences globally, numerous Altus-hosted external events such as ARGUS Connect, as well as internal off-site meetings. In support of social distancing, where possible we are substituting with web-based programs including webinars, virtual conferencing and online communications.

Travel and Face-to-Face Interaction with Customers

Altus Group has suspended all non-essential travel.  For employees meeting face-to-face with our customers or directly supporting our customers on-site, this is of course fully dependent on client willingness to meet or host our employee(s) as well as our employees’ willingness and comfort with direct client interaction. The safety and well-being of both our employees and our customers is our top priority and without compromise.


We will continue to closely monitor and assess the situation and update you on changes to our approach or policy as necessary. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have as a valued customer of ours. Our commitment to our customers and employees always remains our priority as we continue to manage through these uncertain times


Thank you for your support and continued loyalty.

Altus Group


Thank you for contacting us. we will get back to you shortly!

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