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2021 Canadian Cost Guide

Your guide to better understanding Canadian real estate development and infrastructure construction costs

The construction industry showed its resilience and performed well in 2020 (all things considered), but even with the vaccination roll-out, we aren’t out of the woods yet. Construction sites being locked down or not at full capacity, the global supply chain being somewhat broken, and a recession, will undoubtedly have long-term impacts on construction costs throughout 2021 and beyond.

Having a current and accurate understanding of these costs will be imperative to help manage development risk and navigate through the uncertainty to protect your project returns.

Data based on real projects


$270 billion | 3,930 projects | 960M+ square feet


$114 billion | 1,815 projects | 653M+ square feet


$66 billion | 1,765 projects | 307M+ square feet


$90 billion | 350 projects

Looking to more accurately assess construction cost escalation and improve your budgeting, forecasting and procurement decisions?

Our Cost Escalation Report is designed to address and help mitigate the challenges associated with accurately measuring construction cost escalation across major markets in Canada, and specifically, within the high-rise multi-family sector.

Two full reports (Q2, Q4) and two interim reports (Q1, Q3) are issued every year and for each market.

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Cost Escalation Report
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