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Gain an independent understanding of the value of your asset or portfolio

Get a current perspective on your asset’s value and how the local real estate market is performing with a property appraisal.

Whether buying, selling, or managing a property or portfolio of properties, you need timely and objective insight into asset value to make sound business decisions.

Pension funds, REITs, asset managers, corporations, governments, financial institutions and some of the nation’s leading law firms benefit from our expertise.  This extends across all investment-grade asset types.  These relationships have enabled us to gather years of historical valuation data, supplemented by our leading in-house databases, to produce insights supporting their risk management activities.

Perform one of the most critical steps in the financial due diligence process

Identify any value-related red flags which could potentially impact the price and mitigate acquisition risk with an objective opinion on the value of an asset or portfolio of assets.

A property appraisal gives you the confidence you need to support the purchase price, and  empower negotiation discussions around adjustments to that price.

Secure financing for your next development or redevelopment with the support of an asset valuation

Get an expert opinion on the likely value of your property upon completion, with an As If Complete valuation for your lender. 

With access to historical data and insights around construction costs, development costs, market impacts, revenue expectations and more, our appraisers provide an in-depth, independent and objective view that banks and other lending institutions have come to trust and recommend to their clients.

Gain the transparency you need to stay on top of your asset performance

Timing is everything. Having a current understanding of your asset value is often required for reporting purposes, but it’s also good business practice. 

The market can change from one quarter to the next, and scheduling appraisals and regular updates will give you the edge you need to make more informed decisions around buying, selling, retention or repositioning.

Our local experts will value your portfolio of assets (or single asset), following our nationwide consistent and standardized process.  Their objective view is one that is not only appreciated by governing bodies and lenders, but one many have come to require.

Get the valuation support you need to make important decisions around selling or repositioning

A current estimate of your property value is one of the key elements that can influence the decision to sell or reposition.

Obtain a property appraisal to understand how the market is performing today –  to help you decide whether it’s the right time to sell, or to retain and reposition the asset for a higher return.

Our appraisers have experience valuing a long list of investment-grade assets across Canada, and the historical data you need to make the informed next step in the lifecycle of your asset.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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