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Sobeys Quebec is one of three leaders in serving Quebec food shopping needs with 407 stores covering 9.8 million sq.ft.  In order to remain a leader and gain market shares, Sobeys is always improving its network of stores by closing unproductive ones, moving and rescaling others or building new ones.  For more than 10 years, the Altus Group team has been conducting location and market studies to support the development of Sobeys supermarkets network in Quebec.

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Our technology-enabled expert services enable commercial real estate professionals to connect to the market with greater speed, visibility and efficiency.


With our report, Sobeys is able to perform pro-forma or financial feasibility analysis to make the best decision for each project with the objective of optimizing its network. With our highly skilled and experienced personnel based in Canada, we are able to draw upon a diverse array of real estate experts to resolve the challenges that confront our clients. Our expertise includes real estate appraisal for all asset classes, financial analysis and modeling, urban land economics, costing specialists, project management, asset strategy, capital planning, market research, demographic analysis, land use planning, management consultation, property tax specialists and geomatics.

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