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B.U.K. Investment Ltd. acquires and manages quality real estate investments for the long term, and their Vancouver area portfolio includes 10 properties containing 20+ office, retail and industrial buildings.  They needed accurate assessments of the replacement value of each property in order to obtain the appropriate level of insurance on an annual basis.

From property tax assessments to building appraisals, replacement cost estimating and capital expenditure forecasts, Altus Group has provided good service when we need it from experienced people who care about the quality of their work – something we’ve come to expect from Altus Group as a whole.

Isaac Zadka

Senior Vice President , B.U.K Investments Ltd.


Greater Vancouver Area, BC


B.U.K. Investments Ltd.


Office, Retail, Industrial


Replacement cost estimates for insurance purposes, Capital expenditure forecasts, Property tax assessments, Portfolio valuation

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