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By Altus Group | March 27, 2020

COVID-19 response postpones 2021 reassessment, delays appeals & extends deadlines

The Province of Ontario declared a state of emergency on March 20, retroactive to March 16.  The order was to expire March 31, but has been extended until April 14, or further with consent of the legislature. Based on developments to date, such extensions appear likely. This emergency declaration has resulted in some sudden, significant changes to property assessment and taxation in Ontario.

Reassessment postponed

Ontario’s planned reassessment for the 2021-2024 assessment cycle based on 2019 values has been delayed by at least one year. Assessments for 2021 will continue to be based on current value at January 1, 2016 but will be updated to reflect any additions or improvements to properties. This change was announced as part of the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update. The province is reviewing its policies with regard to the next reassessment and further changes are anticipated.

Appeal proceedings suspended, deadlines delayed

The Assessment Review Board (ARB) has suspended appeal procedures until the end of Emergency Order (O.Reg.73/20). While the deadline for appeals and reconsideration requests remains March 31, the ARB will accept appeals until 15 days after the order ends, and MPAC will accept requests for reconsideration until 16 days after the order ends.

How Altus Group is responding

Altus is doing everything possible to protect our clients interests and address tax concerns during this difficult time.  We are engaged with industry organizations such as Realpac, NAIOP and the ICSC and following advocacy efforts for measures such as tax deferral, abatement, or waiver. We will be continuing to work with MPAC and municipalities to resolve appeals despite the suspension of procedures. We are keeping apprised of any new tax deferral or abatement programs as they are introduced by municipalities.  Our list of current programs in select major municipalities will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your consultant if you have concerns or questions. We may recommend that 2020 appeals be filed for properties hardest hit by the pandemic.

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