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By Altus Group | October 16, 2019

The preliminary consultation process is an opportune time to manage your property taxes for the upcoming year

The Nova Scotia Property Valuation Service Corporation (PVSC) has published 2020 preliminary values for a select few commercial and residential properties this year that it intends to use for next year’s assessment cycle.  

In past years, PVSC published preliminary values for many properties, however, this year only a limited number of preliminary values will be published. Furthermore, taxpayers will have to refer to their 2019 notices in order to retrieve the PIN code to access the 2020 values.

Issues to consider:

  • Some asset classes such as hotels are forecasted to increase substantially while other assets such as office and retail are expected to remain flat or slightly decrease
  • Regardless of the value change over last year, there may be variables such as chronic vacancy, external market factors, or physical attributes of the property that warrant a further reduction of the assessed value

What should property owners do?

  • You can view your assessment at using the property search feature or individual My Property Report tool
  • Review your property details
  • If there are issues with your assessment, raise them sooner rather than later

How can Altus help me?

Altus can help you raise any issues with assessors during this period and work with you to achieve a settlement. If we are unable to achieve a settlement during this period, we will still have the opportunity to appeal the assessment once it is published.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with one of our experts.

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