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By Altus Group | April 9, 2021

​DataExchange, our global software solution that helps clients simplify their valuation management process, has officially joined the ARGUS family of software products and has a new name – ARGUS ValueInsight.

An end-to-end valuation management platform, ARGUS ValueInsight helps you manage and collaborate throughout the entire valuation process to better understand investment performance and realize opportunities faster.

It is a modern, web-based valuation analytics, workflow automation and document management system that seamlessly handles the exchange of information between stakeholders throughout the appraisal management process.


So, what’s really changed?

Right now, just the name.

While the look and feel of the application will be updated slightly, we are not making any changes to the way the application functions today. This name change was made to align with the long-term vision for the platform – to join the ARGUS suite of products and become a global, data-driven, end-to-end valuation management platform that enables Owners/LPs/GPs to collaborate throughout the entire valuation cycle.


Key Features of ARGUS ValueInsight

  • Easily manage the vendor engagement and appraisal review processes
  • Maximize efficiency with workflow automation, intuitive task management and invoicing functionality
  • Understand your performance in the context of the entire market
  • Have confidence in your results with integrated AE valuation metrics
  • Create efficiency, reduce overhead, and boost investor confidence


What’s next?

Future releases will include richer analytics and reporting capabilities, integration with AE Cloud and become a place where our customers can monitor their performance relative to their peers to better identify gaps and opportunities within their investments.

Learn more about the power of ARGUS ValueInsight to manage your valuation process.

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