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By Altus Group | avril 5, 2021

We are pleased to announce that on April 1, 2021, Altus Group acquired Finance Active, a leading provider of debt management SaaS solutions for treasury and investment management. This acquisition provides Altus Group with a platform to expand into CRE debt management SaaS solutions.

Altus Group currently provides market leading capabilities for all stages of the commercial real estate asset lifecycle and capital stack from planning and capital raising, to acquiring and developing, to operating and valuing, to reporting and disposing. With the addition of Finance Active’s debt management solutions, we will also be able to provide clients with offerings to improve performance in debt management and financial risk management at every stage of the lifecycle.

By combining Altus Group and Finance Active, clients will benefit from:

  • An integrated asset and debt management platform – combining Altus Group’s market leading equity-focused CRE solutions with Finance Active’s market leading debt management solutions onto one integrated global technology, advisory and data platform will create a unique and compelling industry offering to help clients maximize value and better manage risk performance.
  • Unmatched level of visibility into assets and portfolios – our customers will gain enhanced visibility from consistent analytics and a 360-degree view of their assets and portfolios including equity and debt. Clients can rely on Altus Group to provide strategic solutions for their investments addressing the complexities, scale and functionality required from the lease and property level (via ARGUS Enterprise), fund or partnership level (via ARGUS Taliance), and debt level either as asset or liability (via Finance Active).
  • A new level of risk mitigation and management – with debt added to our tech stack, our clients will be better equipped to manage risk performance more efficiently. By integrating our technology and services platform with Finance Active, clients will be able to simulate various scenarios around loans and hedging to better manage liabilities and risks of their investments.
  • Enhanced geographic presence – our combined client base will benefit from additional local presence. Altus Group will strengthen its geographic footprint in Europe where Finance Active has a strong presence, particularly in France and Germany, and Finance Active will have the opportunity to expand in North America and APAC where Altus Group has a strong presence.

We look forward to bringing together our talented teams and complementary solutions to deliver greater value to our clients.

To read the full press release, click here.

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