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Bring your valuation data to life

Data is the key to making informed acquisition, operational and disposition decisions.  But organizing and consolidating internal and external data continues to be an industry challenge.

Are you getting lower rents or pricing your valuation levels more or less aggressively than your peers? How are you performing and therefore positioned against competitors?

Backed by independent data, strategize more effectively and better position yourself using our portfolio benchmarking and performance attribution tools.  


Adding a property to your portfolio?

Access key demographics to understand how it fits with the rest of your portfolio. Support your assumptions in your acquisition underwriting with proper benchmarking.

Greater intelligence = better business planning

Leverage key benchmark metrics year over year. As you review annual business plans and plan your next steps, leverage key benchmark metrics to help make decisions.

Know when it’s time to sell

Understanding whether an asset has peaked in its performance to make a timely sales decision.

Performance attribution

Gain visibility into fund and individual partner performance with our online attribution tool. Developed in collaboration with NCREIF, the official benchmark for ODCE funds, it measures your performance to the NCREIF ODCE Index.

Core functionality includes the ability to:

  • Place portfolio returns in context of wider industry benchmarks
  • Merge portfolios, change market segmentation
  • See performance breakdown (by sector and geography)
  • Filter between fund and property-level analysis
  • Select and interpret performance and appraisal metrics on individual assets
  • See contributions to fund level return
  • Understand levels of out, or under performance through attribution, quantifying the impact of sub-market allocation and asset selection effects
  • Access appreciation return analysis through our unique insight into the impact from yield versus cash flow
  • Asset level relative contribution analysis
  • Export to Excel, allowing you to use the data to support your own specific analyses

Benchmarked portfolio valuation metrics

Get a consolidated single view of performance with DataBridge, our web-based business intelligence tool with over 400 individual property and portfolio data points benchmarked against thousands of other institutional assets across the US.

  • Analyze and benchmark historical, current and forecasted valuation data (6,000+ institutional properties / $400+ Billion GAV)
  • Understand drivers underpinning the change in valuations and how to assess risk
  • Receive detailed reporting for investors including additional risk analysis and ad-hoc research
  • Improve transparency and accuracy with portfolio benchmarking and analytics
  • Trend and variance analyses
  • Robust data controls and governance
  • Export to Excel for internal audit and additional analysis

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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