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A sector with a cloudy future

As our workforce moves rapidly towards a more digital economy, our data centre traffic has been significantly impacted.  Modern data centers are being built, bought, and sold at an accelerated rate. The solid growth of this sector makes it an attractive asset class for investors but has also contributed to unique challenges when it comes to valuation and taxation.

Learn more about our experience with data centers and check out our insights on taking advantage of opportunities and overcoming the unique challenges that come with this emerging asset class.

Data center taxation- what you need to know to tame your tax assessment

Data centers require a data driven approach to property taxes. Advancements in information technology and the need for storage have thrust data centers into the limelight as one of the fastest growing asset classes in the real estate sector. The pace of private investment, coupled with complex tenant landlord leasing fundamentals, have left taxing authorities struggling to accurately value both the real and personal property at these locations. The resulting assessments often mean paying more in property taxes than what is required.

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