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Effectively manage your asset’s largest operating expense – real property tax.

As the largest expense line item of a commercial real estate asset, real property tax is a controllable expense, but organizations may lack the specific state and jurisdictional knowledge, access to historical data or the time and human resources to tackle the property tax appeal process.

Improve your bottom line with savings on your real property tax bills and get trusted advice and tax management support at all phases of the asset lifecycle. From acquisition to disposition we:

  • Ensure your tax obligations are accurate
  • Outline all relevant tax-saving opportunities
  • Reduce surprises during critical phases where real property tax assessments can be most impacted
  • Leverage technology to compile information on your portfolio to set up property tax accrual
  • Help with informal and formal negotiations

Make better investment decisions, bid with confidence and get your deal closed

Approach your underwriting and negotiating with the vantage point of data-driven tax information with proper tax due diligence.

By reviewing current property tax obligations, an examination of financial records, and evaluation of any outstanding tax appeals you can eliminate flawed real estate tax assumptions that can impact cash flows and erode anticipated returns.

 We provide:

  • Pre-acquisition and pre-construction tax estimate reporting
  • Reviews of property assessments
  • early budget & forecasting analysis for all properties
  • Reviews and transfer tax analysis

Protect your investments from unexpected tax exposure

Do you know how your development or redevelopment will impact the assessed taxes? Leverage industry-leading real estate data for greater insight to accurately forecast tax liabilities. 

Detailed tax projections and forecasts for pro forma financial modeling will help accurately forecast tax liabilities created by the development or redevelopment of an asset. 

We provide:

  • Transfer tax analysis
  • Local experts who understand specific market economics and influences
  • Industry-standard tax reporting validating real estate tax underwriting

Streamline your property tax administration and assessment appeal process

The appeal process can be long and time-consuming. 

Our team can: 

  • Review property assessments
  • Manage the property tax appeal process to meet critical deadlines
  • Provide clear and proactive communication on the status and results of our efforts through an on-demand client portal
  • Manage budgeting and accruals
  • Manage tax bills and payment processing
  • Provide periodic and as-requested reports of the prior and current assessed values and taxes
  • Manage Appeal Calendar
  • Provide yearly budget & forecasting analysis for all properties


Make sound business decisions when considering selling or repositioning  an asset

Our due diligence will deliver operational and transactional advantages including  property and industry-specific strategies to help you decide on whether to dispose or reposition a property type.


  • Provide status of outstanding appeals or tax refunds due
  •  Advise of the potential impact of the sale on pending appeals
  •  Counsel clients on asset vs. entity transactions
  •  Caution how the transaction date impacts future assessments.
  •  Encourage clients to control chatter in the marketplace regarding the purchase price 

National coverage, locally specialized, and industry expertise 

How we can help:

  • Understand property assessment and tax rate trends and the potential financial impact of a reassessment
  • Achieve results earlier in the appeals process than our competitors, reducing the time owners wait to receive tax refunds
  • Use historical data, state-specific, local market and jurisdictional knowledge to challenge property tax assessments
  • Use proven conservative valuation approaches
  • Provide a detailed review of assessor records for accuracy
  • Have highly qualified and experienced consultants with jurisdiction relationships.
  • Have nationwide associations with local attorneys when litigation is required
  • Partner with professionals in local markets across the country/local market expertise if required

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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