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Know your portfolio and minimize your taxes

Tax minimization strategies

Whether a thorough review is overdue, or a property is experiencing functional or economic challenges, strong evidence is critical for successfully challenging an assessment, and in certain cases this includes third-party appraisals. Our success in obtaining reductions is a result of explorating all avenues of tax relief, a thorough and concise presentation of facts, and data and expert testimony.

The differences between property tax requirements and federal income tax regulations/GAAP requirements often lead to over-reporting of inventory. For all levels of trade, with an in-depth understanding of your operations as well as external forces and a data-driven approach will ensure the appropriate cost basis is reported and inventory is fairly valued.

Managing personal property assessments separate from real estate assessments often results in overpaid taxes. A thorough analysis of the assessor work papers is necessary for both the real and personal property side by side to identify, prove, and eliminate double taxation. We provide our clients with complex, industrial, and manufacturing properties an integrated service plan for real and personal property tax to help avoid double taxation, preserve and expand company relations in the local community, and explore all avenues of savings, including discretionary incentives.

Our services:

  • Appeals and refund claims
  • Valuation studies and appraisals
  • Double taxation reviews 
  • Fixed asset reviews and unrecorded disposal analysis 
  • Life studies and depreciation mappings 
  • Inventory reporting and valuation 
  • Exemptions, incentives, and abatements
  • Comprehensive property tax consulting services for specialty use properties 

“We have been impressed with Altus Group’s approach to the personal property tax engagement. The engagement team quickly identified savings strategies that had an impact across the board, as well as targeted the material states and issues to ensure our tax was minimized for the next calendar year. The team has also been tremendously helpful in assisting us with audits, reducing the auditor’s findings and identifying additional savings.”

National retailer

Strategic reporting and ongoing management

Gain an in-depth knowledge of your properties, by understanding industry and market trends that impact the valuation of your real and personal property. By closely tracking critical dates and monitoring assessments and liabilities, we will recommend and file appeals so savings opportunities are not missed.

Whether in house or third-party – there is an opportunity to strengthen jurisdiction relations and minimize taxes. Not only are we highly effective at managing audit information exchange to mitigate risk, we are also often successful in turning an audit into a refund opportunity.

Our compliance specialists have extensive experience with tax minimization projects, which helps ensure the application of those strategies identified through a consulting project will be carried forward to future filings. 

Our services:

  • Portfolio management
  • Audit defense assistance
  • Compliance

“…It’s very reassuring knowing that an outsource partner will offer dedicated, accurate, and timely services. I would recommend Altus’ services to any organization looking to outsource tax functions or for consulting services.”

High performance specialty chemical manufacturer

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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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