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Hospitality REIT investing in full service and upscale properties


Client handles all of the personal property tax filings in house for its properties, but was overwhelmed and did not have the time nor expertise to handle the incoming personal property tax audits. They needed an extra resource to help them appropriately and accurately work with auditors to ensure their personal property tax liabilities were effectively handled under audit. One audit had already begun, and the client received audit findings that more than doubled their annual personal property tax liability on that property.


The Altus Personal Property team was able to take over the existing audit and work directly with the auditor, provide supporting documentation, as well as detailed explanations and arguments, to ensure the property was fairly assessed. Altus Group was able to effectively support and negotiate a reduction to the audit findings of more than 90%. The client was so thrilled with the result, they engaged Altus Group to handle the next personal property audit, from start to finish.

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