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Enhance the return on a new, expansion, relocation investment

When it comes to location and incentive opportunities and strategies, while they are not the primary factor, they play a key role in determining a sound economic expansion plan that supports both your business and the community.

This requires a great deal of research, logistics and a thorough negotiation strategy. The narrative you tell can give your company leverage in its negotiations. Your story is built from numbers, from dollars-and-cents and jobs created, but it also includes corporate character.

We operate as an extension of your team and provide a customized solution that ensures that not only all available credits and incentives are realized but also provide the necessary data to make a sound investment decision

Facilitate capital investment decision making by increasing the return on investment through cash and cash equivalent incentives.

Don’t miss out on available incentives related to your acquisition

Why not investigate all the possibilities. Review and analysis are performed in confidence allowing you to maintain your anonymity throughout the process.

Location and incentive opportunity review:

  • Potential incentive value
  • Labor market characteristics
  • State and local tax projection
  • Utility and infrastructure review


Secure the maximum incentives package through a comprehensive approach

By having a holistic approach you can minimize the risk of being blinded by a glittering incentives package. Additionally, often incentives can be complex and unless equipped it can be difficult to secure them.

Learn how to navigate the rich landscape of opportunities for tax credits, cash grants, job credits, and other incentives by partnering with our experts early in the process to maximize your ROI.

We create and enhance the public/ private partnership between you and the community by determining the factors critical to your capital investments and network strategy.

We provide:

  • Due diligence data analysis on the chosen site/region
  • Tailored incentives negotiation strategy
  • Experience to navigate location-based expense issues
  • National long-term relationships with state and local economic development and taxing authorities
  • Strategic implementation plan and compliance procedures

Remove the burden of collecting and retaining incentives negotiated 

Limited resources and expertise, or loss of institutional knowledge due to turnover can make compliance seem overwhelming, particularly when you don’t have the reporting apparatus to generate the numbers necessary to satisfy the terms of the incentive.

An in-depth review of incentive agreements and analysis of your company’s performance will ensure all incentives are implemented. Our experts will keep you up to date with quarterly, semi-annual, or annual reporting requirements as well as program changes with Incentive Implementation and Compliance.


Realize all negotiated incentives to maximize financial performance

  • In-depth review/ analysis of secured incentives package
  • Work with state and local economic development representatives and incentive program administrator
  • Complete necessary compliance requirements
  • Manage and mitigate ongoing location-specific expenses in the state and local tax arena.
  • Measure the company’s performance again the negotiated agreements to minimize claw-back exposure

Negotiated an incentives package consisting primarily of cash, cash equivalents, and property tax abatements in excess of $13 million.


New Manufacturing and Distribution Facility

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