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By Elizabeth Burg, CPA, Senior Manager | December 2, 2020

Have you received and reviewed your property values?

The West Virginia Tax Department and West Virginia county assessors are currently issuing tax year 2021 values for commercial, industrial, and natural resource property.

Natural resource property

The West Virginia Tax Department determines the value of all industrial and natural resource property and provides these values to the county assessors. The deadline to informally discuss the tentative values prior to the Tax Department providing the values to the county assessors is fast approaching on December 15th. Taxpayers may continue to work informally with the Tax Department up until January 15th.

Commercial and industrial personal property

County assessors determine the value of commercial personal property while the West Virginia Tax Department determines industrial values. Taxpayers have an opportunity to informally review and discuss values with assessors until January 15th.

Why should you review?

Property taxes can be a significant cost to your business and the only way to ensure your taxes are fair and equitable is to review your property valuations. Now is the time to informally discuss any concerns with the assessors in order to avoid a formal appeal, which would need to be filed by February 20th.

Our team of experts has over 50+ years of collective experience navigating West Virginia property taxes.  If you have any questions regarding the assessed value of your property, please contact us.

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