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By Altus Group | September 13, 2018

With Hurricane Florence picking up speed as it heads towards landfall in the Mid-Atlantic, the data center hub in Ashburn, Virginia is on edge. All too recent memories of Hurricane Sandy knocking out technology infrastructure in New York and New Jersey has data center operators and tenants wondering if the buildings will live up to their marketed resilience.

In Real Estate Weekly’s recent article, Hurricane Florence set to lob first big test at nation’s data center capital, Ross Litkenhous, Vice President of Strategic Development, comments on how this is the first true test on Northern Virginia’s internet highway by a natural disaster. Referencing the preparedness of data center developers, operators, and the jurisdictions is a nod to the partnership that is required to keep the centers running. The properties’ ability to function in a prolonged state of “disaster mode” relies on road access and the prioritization of other downed infrastructure in the local areas.

Most likely the lessons have been learned. Especially since the demand for 24/7 hour access to data has only risen since Hurricane Sandy.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by the storm.

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