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By Altus Group | May 14, 2018

In the following Altus Group speaks with Noelle Sharbaugh, Managing Director at Greystar, about the Ascent at Spring Hill Station and the Adaire rental properties in Tysons. They also discuss the overall rental market in Tysons, and how the region is transforming into a residence destination.  

The Tysons region continues to advance into a key residence destination with rental properties like Ascent at Spring Hill Station and the Adaire leading the way. These stand-alone properties offer a wide-range of cutting-edge amenities, and are strategically located near ideal retail and dining options. As a result, these types of properties are creating a high-level of demand, and are meeting a critical need for professionals looking to live and work in Tysons.

  • The strategy behind delivering stand-alone residential products like the Ascent at Spring Hill Station and the Adaire. (1:37)
  • How Greystar positioned these properties to be successful early in the rental property development market cycle in Tysons. (4:00)
  • Key amenities that make the Ascent at Spring Hill Station and the Adaire stand out with renters. (5:53)
  • The differences in the rental marketplaces in Reston versus Tysons. (9:36)
  • The target rental profile for these rental developments. (12:47)
  • Insights into the rental property pipeline in Tysons. (14:41)
  • How the Tysons rental market will change by 2021. (18:27)
  • Final words of wisdom for developers looking for opportunities in the Tysons multi-family market. (19:40)
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