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By Altus Group | November 1, 2017

In the following podcast interview Altus Group speaks with Donna Shafer, a Managing Director with Cityline Partners, about the overall development plans and timing for Scotts Run and Arbor Row in Tysons. In addition, during the course of the interview, Ross uncovered some “breaking news” from Cityline Partners.

Responsible for nearly a quarter of the new construction in Tysons, Cityline Partners is driving much of the transformation behind the region. From Arbor Row and Scotts Run, the developer is driven by “place making” in the Tysons region – leveraging Tysons Comprehensive Plan to establish a large, mixed-use neighborhood similar to Reston Town Center.

With this in mind, Donna provided us with these two new breaking news items in this exclusive Altus Group podcast interview:

  • First, the company was the driving force behind submitting the Tysons region as a contender for the Amazon HQ2 opportunity.
  • Second, they have partnered Mather Lifeways to develop a 600,000 square foot aging-in-place facility in Tysons, offering a wide-range of lifestyle amenities for senior residents by 2020.


In addition, Donna covered a wide-range of topics with regards to the transformation of Tysons:

  • How the Jones Branch Connector and other infrastructure plans influenced Cityline Partners development decisions and efforts. (1:38)
  • An overall update with regards to development plans for both Arbor Row and Scotts Run. (2:24)
  • Cityline Partners’ new aging-in-place residential facility. (3:12)
  • Why Cityline Partners is driven by “place making” and making Tysons more liveable. (6:32)
  • How sustainability design and development is a key focus for Cityline Partners. (8:27)
  • The balance between apartments versus condos in the Tysons region. (11:00)
  • How Cityline Partners went about submitting its RFP for Amazon’s HQ2 opportunity. (15:45)

This podcast is part of the CRE Insider Podcast Series

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