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By Altus Group | March 7, 2019

In the following podcast interview, Altus Group speaks with Craig Bernstein, Chief Investment Officer and Principal of OPZ Bernstein, one of the nation’s first private equity funds dedicated exclusively to Opportunity Zone investments.

Under the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Opportunity Zone program was created to revitalize economically distressed communities using private investments rather than taxpayer dollars. The new law lets investors defer and reduce taxes on realized capital gains by reinvesting in these regions. Though not all Opportunity Zone investments are created equal. With 8,700 Opportunity Zones in urban, rural, and suburban areas across the U.S., investors need to consider looking at major metropolitan areas that have strong fundamental growth, and are already being gentrified.

  • More about the Opportunity Zone program. (1:30)
  • Why not all Opportunity Zone investments are created equal. (3:28)
  • Why basic deal fundamentals are critical for Opportunity Zone investments. (5:29)
  • The overall benefits of Opportunity Zone investments. (6:41)
  • Areas of the country that are ideal for Opportunity Zone investments, which include many tertiary markets. (10:57)
  • Why this investment opportunity can be flexible during a potential softening of the market due to a potential economic downturn. (12:37)
  • The total amount of capital that is being invested in the near term. (14:15)
  • Immediate regulatory issues that need to be clarified, and are on the forefront of investors’ minds. (16:32)

This podcast is part of the CRE Insider Podcast Series .

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