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By Altus Group | July 7, 2020

An ongoing one-question poll to keep you informed on the latest market sentiment in the U.S.

In today’s environment, decision making in real time often means considering multiple factors that change daily. Our Market Reflections Poll captures the sentiment of hundreds of CRE professionals around the country on timely topics impacting the market. Participate in Altus Group’s Market Reflections Poll and get current market sentiment data on what the commercial real estate industry thinks about cap rates, vacancies, rebounds, and more. With one click, you will contribute to and benefit from this valuable data set and ongoing research.

To date we’ve gathered data on the return of transaction volume, expected impacts on transaction factors, which markets are most at risk (hint: New York City), and shifts in trends of office space demand. In July and August we will run a series of questions on multifamily and retail.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting each region of the country and each segment of the commercial real estate market differently. We continue to add to the pool of CRE professionals responding to the questions, so that we can capture the full sentiment of our industry. We encourage you to sign-up and receive timely insights into critical topics that impact commercial real estate.

Have an idea for a question?

Sign-up to participate in the Market Reflections Poll and see the results from May and June.

How it works:

1. Every few days, we will send a new poll question that you can answer directly from your Inbox.

2. Each time you submit an answer, it will unlock the results of the previous question.

Your continued participation will provide you with timely insights into critical topics that impact commercial real estate.

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