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By Altus Group | October 2, 2020

Altus Group has been a proud sponsor of CREW and participant in the annual Convention for many years. With this year’s event gone virtual, our digital booth allowed us to easily present a survey to booth visitors on breaking ground for the next generation of women in commercial real estate. We were overwhelmed by the number of participants, and the honesty, inspiration, and thoughtfulness of responses.

Do you believe…

Overall, the outlook for women in commercial real estate is positive and almost 80% of responses agree that women are embracing more opportunities more than a year ago. Just over 60% believe the pandemic will not have a negative impact on global career opportunities in CRE, but about 1/3 feel CRE will have an issue attracting and retaining women in the next few years.

Do you believe women are embracing more opportunities in CRE than a year ago?

Do you believe that career opportunities in CRE will be positively impacted by the global pandemic?

Do you believe CRE will have an issue attracting and retaining women in the next few years?

Big idea

What’s your one big idea on how to continue the advancement of women in CRE, especially in this globally trying time? There were some strong themes in the Big Ideas. Mentorship, flexibility, and reaching out to students and the next generation were most prevalent, all of which fit the theme of attracting and retaining women to CRE.

Mentoring for the future

True to their word, over 60% were part of a mentorship program, and over 50% in a leadership program. Companies are catching on, with about half offering mentorship or leadership programs.

Pandemic impact

Lastly, as we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on the great majority of us, although degrees vary. Also prominent in the Big Idea word cloud are support, connection, networking, and communication. 

Convention may be over and time is scarce, with over 50% of us experiencing work/life balance challenges, and over 1/3 facing an increased workload. But let’s try to keep the energy going! Because we can all use that little bit of something that makes us smile each day. 

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