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By Altus Group | May 23, 2016

When it comes to location and incentive opportunities and strategies, there are many facets of the “story” when determining a sound economic expansion plan that supports both your business and the community.

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t take advantage of incentives because they are deemed to be too complex or that they invite too much regulation. The reality is that business decision-makers who are good corporate citizens are reluctant to participate in the process, in effect leaving money on the table that can enhance the return on a relocation or expansion investment.

This was one of the key themes of a recent Area Development Magazine article by Altus Group’s Tom Dubel titled, “The Value in Exploring the Rest of the Story: Location & Incentive Opportunities and Strategies.”

The article also explores other myths about these types of tax incentives, as well as how there are approximately 13,000 opportunities for tax credits, cash grants, job credits and other incentive, which should be priority for any company.

The right consultant can help any company determine the right savings opportunities, and how these efforts can positively influence the community, which Tom covers in the article.

Of course, the value to be gained from these efforts isn’t always on the balance sheet. Often, as Tom highlighted, it’s in the “rest of the story.”

To read the full article, please click here.

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