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Keep decision makers informed with expert insights, advice and data

Getting the market, investors, stakeholders and funders to both understand and buy into your vision requires a tactical approach. 

You need to establish feasibility, find partners and funders, build a team and delivery structure, then manage all deliverables and approvals along the way. This is no small feat.

Build partnerships and developments that deliver on your business goals with the help of our development consulting team.   We deliver:

  • Customized market research and reports that support buy-in from investors, funders and stakeholders
  • Partnership strategies that use fair tactics for procuring and signing your ideal business partner(s)
  • Studies on benchmarks and highest and best use to identify which option(s) will succeed in your market
  • Design, marketing and budget coordination that maximizes efficiency, appeal, and value
  • Ongoing strategic advice and guidance to your internal teams and external consultants

Make informed go / no-go / where to go decisions while streamlining partnership and financing arrangements

Our development consultants provide: 

  • Research that identifies suitable sites for development or redevelopment
  • Detailed and standardized pro formas that analyze various development scenarios and sensitivity factors for revenues, costs, timing, absorption, funding and more
  • Business cases based on current and projected market analysis that help you achieve maximum buy-in from investors, funders and stakeholders
  • Development appraisals that help you secure funding and board approvals
  • Regulatory compliance strategies that simplify rezoning and permit negotiations and approvals
  • Deal structures that help you achieve business goals

Develop a project that delivers on your business goals

 Leverage ongoing strategic advice and guidance to:

  • Assemble the right consultants when you need them with strategic procurement advice
  • Attract investors and obtain board approvals with a detailed assessment of financial risks and key project performance indicators
  • Gain insight on your total project costs using detailed budgets for every cost from labour and materials to municipal charges, professional fees, financing costs and taxes

Navigate through various options of improved properties once they are nearing the end of their economic life

We can help:

  • Evaluate various opportunities from property retention, renovation, conversion to alternate uses, intensification, redevelopment or sale
  • Establish a detailed financial analysis of the risks and returns of your various options
  • Calculate the potential uses that give prospective buyers an unbiased assessment of the current and future possibilities of the site

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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