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Understand the underlying drivers of fund and portfolio performance to make smarter investment decisions

As an investor, you need more than just base performance comparisons to make strategic decisions about your portfolio. Understanding why individual assets have performed the way they have, the impact individual assets have on overall performance, and how your portfolio is performing within a wider market context provides quantifiable insights you can act on.

Adding a property to your portfolio?

Access key demographics to understand how it fits with the rest of your portfolio. Support your assumptions in your acquisition underwriting with proper benchmarking.

Greater intelligence = better business planning

Leverage key benchmark metrics year over year. As you review annual business plans and plan your next steps, leverage key benchmark metrics to help make decisions.

Know when it’s time to sell

Understanding whether an asset has peaked in its performance to make a timely sales decision.

We bring your performance data to life

As a leading real estate data, services and software provider, we can help you strategize more effectively.

Performance attribution

Get visibility into a fund or individual partner performance with our online attribution tool. Developed in collaboration with NCREIF, the official benchmark for ODCE funds, it measures your performance to the NCREIF ODCE Index.

Go beyond basic statistical analysis and get the full story behind your performance

Detailed attributions

Standard performance diagnostics with detailed attribution that differentiates between fund and property returns and analyzes results by sector, sub type and metropolitan markets.

Asset level insights

Direct knowledge of each asset, gathered through the valuation management process.

Local market insights

In-depth understanding of regional trends from our local experts who monitor investment, leasing transactions and macro-economic factors.

Unparalleled data

Unrivaled, vetted valuation dataset that reveals the underlying drivers of performance and illustrates how capital markets and cash flow fundamentals influence real estate returns.

Online tools & reporting

Multiple reporting options that strike a balance between providing formal reports and access to our interactive online platforms that gives your team greater flexibility to work with the data.

Quarterly meetings

Collaborative sessions with you and our performance team, market knowledge experts, and the asset advisory lead on your engagement to explain ‘the why’ behind your portfolio’s overall performance.

We utilize the Altus valuation dataset to get a detailed understanding of underlying trends in the market impacting on changing valuation levels, which has further informed our investment return analysis.

LaSalle Investment Management

Benchmarked valuation metrics

Get a consolidated single view of all the valuation metrics influencing performance through DataBridge and Appraisal Scorecard. These web-based business intelligence tools have over 400 individual property and portfolio data points benchmarked against thousands of other institutional assets across the US.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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