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Future-ready infrastructure improving lives and livelihoods

As our region’s population grows and our cities expand, significant spending is being directed towards transport and infrastructure. By 2025, the sector will be worth US$5.36 trillion a year, representing 60% of the world total. Rail and road, ports and utilities enhance manufacturing capabilities, accelerate the efficient movement of goods, materials and people, and improve the lives and livelihoods of entire nations.

As public and private sector dollars pour in, both developed and developing economies are looking for future-ready investments. Future-ready infrastructure responds to a range of new challenges: extreme weather, resource constraints, population growth, demographic change and more.

Navigating a sector undergoing rapid change requires people with the right expertise. Our specialist transport and infrastructure team has worked on some of the world’s most complex and challenging projects. Our detailed knowledge of infrastructure projects gives us best practice benchmarks that ensure success on even the most complicated project. We understand how to balance the priorities of multiple stakeholders to meet today’s social, political, economic and environmental challenges while future-proofing critical assets for a better tomorrow.


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