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Meeting demand and creating communities

In a diverse and dynamic region like Asia Pacific, every residential market has its own unique characteristics. There is, however, one clear commonality: the desire for people to live in homes and communities where they feel safe and secure, healthy and happy. Whether we choose low-rise living or a high-rise apartment, public housing or private rental, everyone wants a space to call their own. The residential development industry understands this desire deeply – and continues to innovate at lightspeed while addressing significant challenges: competition for land, funding, regulation and planning, demographic trends and economic headwinds. The leaders in the region have a laser-focus on the issues that matter most, like building quality, environmental sustainability, liveability, resilience and enhancing social value.

Navigating a dynamic and diverse sector requires people with the right expertise. Altus Group’s multi-disciplinary team has worked on some of the region’s most innovative residential projects. With a detailed database of the world’s best projects at our fingertips, we can offer accurate, strategic and independent advice. Learn more about how Altus Group is helping our clients to build the best homes for people around Asia Pacific.

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