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Creating agile office assets

The world of work is undergoing a radical reinvention – and as it does space is being redefined and office assets are becoming more agile. Demand for flexible space has driven co-working and serviced office operators to increase their footprint in the Asia Pacific region by 300% in the last three years alone. While co-working occupies just a fraction of the region’s office stock, tenant expectations have changed forever.

Technology delivers customised experiences in every other part of our lives, so we expect that at the office too. In response, owners are looking to develop stronger relationships with their tenants through service differentiation. Meanwhile, large office portfolios, backed by institutional investors, are being re-evaluated through the lens of climate change. Investors are demanding energy-efficient, resilient assets that will deliver returns over the long term.

Our team of specialists understand the complexities and challenges of office developments and have a long track record of balancing client risks with long-term rewards. We draw on a global network of multi-disciplinary professionals to provide the right skills and experience. And our detailed knowledge of new builds and redevelopments provides best practice benchmarks that enable us to offer the very best independent advice.

Learn more about how Altus Group is helping our clients to meet the challenges of the new world of work.

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