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Making live, work and play a reality

Mixed use developments are coming of age as cities expand and land grows scarce, and as more people look for lifestyles where ‘live, work and play’ are all a short walk away. Modern mixed use developments have moved beyond the traditional ground floor shops and typically combine commercial, residential, retail and leisure in a one-stop precinct. The mixed use model especially appeals to millennials. One survey suggests that 85% of younger urbanities value the variety and proximity that mixed-use brings. Whether it’s convenience or café culture, restaurants or retail, mixed use buildings provide the foundations for active, inclusive neighbourhoods. And by not putting all their eggs in the one basket, developers and investors are diversifying their portfolios and spreading their risk.

Our team of specialists understand the complexities and challenges of mixed use developments. Our project management expertise gives us the skills to balance the priorities of multiple stakeholders. Meanwhile, our detailed knowledge of new builds and redevelopments provides best practice benchmarks that enable us to tackle projects with confidence. Learn more about how Altus Group is helping our clients make the most of mixed use developments.

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