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Responding to the supply chain transformation

As the retail market moves online, demand for next-generation warehousing and distribution facilities grows exponentially. More than just big sheds, the new wave of logistics facilities include state-of-the-art construction and design features. E-commerce in the Asia Pacific region is expected to rise at a compound rate of 23.4% and to reach US$4.17 trillion by 2022. Every US$1 billion in e-commerce sales translates into a further 116,000 square metres of additional distribution space, according to some estimates. Meanwhile advancing technology – from automation and artificial intelligence to drone deliveries and dark stores – is driving tectonic transformation throughout the sector. The Asia Pacific region sits at the epicentre of today’s global supply chain transformation. As the rivers of capital flow, the competition for quality assets is on. The disruptive dynamic brings risks, but also unprecedented opportunity for those that make the right decisions today.

Whether you are seeking to upgrade existing facilities, regenerate older sites or start with a fresh canvas, Altus Group has the local and global market expertise to help. Our experienced team understands the cost and delivery challenges ahead for the industrial sector. And with a rich database of international benchmarks and projects at our fingertips, we can provide expert and independent advice on any industrial project.

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