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Data centres of the future

The Internet of Things, 5G, social media, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and big data and cloud computing… all these technology trends are changing the way the world works. And as they do, demand for data centres grows exponentially. The sector is expanding by 15.7% each year and is predicted to reach US$60 billion by the end of 2020. Home to a huge and growing consumer base for digital products and services, the Asia Pacific is well-positioned to become a global data centre hub. Data centres are complicated and service intense facilities. As governing laws, regulation and security requirements tighten, the availability of utilities is critical and the quest for quality is very real.

Altus Group’s experienced team understands the cost and delivery challenges ahead for data centre owners, managers and investors. Our experience working with new facilities and expansions of existing assets brings insights into the right models – whether decentralised or hyperscale, modular or bespoke – to make the most of future opportunities. And with a global network of offices, we have a rich database of international benchmarks and projects to guide any data centre project.

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