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Providing professional Quantity Surveying services in Vietnam since 1992

Altus Group is the leading multidisciplinary provider of independent professional construction and real estate services worldwide. We combine experience and expertise on a local level with the capacity and know-how to operate globally. Whether you are planning, constructing, renovating or operating your real estate assets, an accurate picture and control of cost is essential. We enable project stakeholders to understand initial capital expenditure and project life cycle costing, facilitating risk management and helping to make better informed decisions in a timely manner.
We provide expert cost planing advice from feasibility through all phases of the design, tender, construction and completion. Our knowledge and experience across all assets types ensures that our services are tailored to each project, delivering dependable, accurate and valuable independent advice.

28+ years experience

Our Vietnam office opened in 1992 and we have been operating in Asia Pacific since 1990

Global offices

Local offices in Vietnam and 75 offices around the globe with 2,250 employees

Construction cost data

Extensive construction cost data, software solutions & market knowledge

Vietnam Quantity Surveying Licenses

Capability Certificate for Quantity Surveying / Cost Management

Services provided

We provide comprehensive cost, tender and contract management services which encompass the traditional disciplines of:

Feasibility Studies
Master Planning
Cost Planning
Pre-Tender Estimates
Tender Evaluation
Financial Reporting
Contract Administration
Final Account
Defects Liability and Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Value and Risk Management
Dispute Resolution
Assessment Claims
Bank Reporting

Value for money

With a team of experienced Quantity Surveyors overseeing all facets of your project you can ensure you receive the best possible value for money. We have saved our clients millions of dollars in variation assessments.


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in reduced in variations on Ha Noi project


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Why use a Quantity Surveyor?

Want to know if your project is feasible and will generate the returns that you need?

It’s important to understand if a development project is feasible from the outset. A ‘Return On Investment’ (ROI) should be determined before any commitment is made to capital expenditure. A comprehensive feasibility study will analyse if the project is financially and technically feasible. You will need to determine projected costs in order to establish what profit margin can you expect to achieve at the end of the day.

A Quantity Surveyor will review and prepare a detailed cost estimate based on concept drawings, specifications, renders, project areas or project parameters. This will highlight the main construction trades and their estimated costs. An accurate projection of cost is key to establishing if your development project is feasible and will generate a return.

Want to save money and receive value-for-money on your project?

A Quantity Surveyor can help you save money and receive value-for-money in two ways. Firstly, by working closely with the appointed design team, and secondly during construction when they will work closely with the contractor. Working closely with the design team early on ensures designs are efficient and cost effective to avoid the potential for costly ‘over-design’. At this stage they review and prepare cost options and value-engineering for all elements, such as the structure, façade, interior design, MEP, lifts and external works.

During construction most projects are likely to incur at least some changes, alterations or additions. The essential step during any variation is to assess what the change is truly worth. A Quantity Surveyor will analyse the construction changes and associated costs strictly but fairly in accordance with contract documents and market rates/prices, When the market & project conditions change, you need a meticulous Quantity Surveyor on your side to help you manage your design and cost scheme with agility.

Want more cost and contract control on your project?

Quantity Surveyors are sometimes described as ‘construction accountants’. At every stage, from estimate to tender, on-site construction to cash flow forecasting and final contract liquidation –  a Quantity Surveyor strictly controls and manages all financial aspects of a project. This is done in close consultation with the client and project stakeholders. During contractual negotiations, they ensure costs, payment and technical specification clauses are accurately and appropriately drafted. A Quantity Surveyor will work closely with your legal and financial advisers to ensure they deliver the best possible outcome for you. Contract terms and conditions are arranged to safeguard and protect a clients’ interests and risk profile. At the same time, these need to be fair, reasonable and non-punitive to the contractor.

Want more transparency around financial reporting and transactions?

At a minimum your Quantity Surveyor will issue a detailed financial report every month. Details covered in the report typically include the following:

  • Budget status
  • Committed and uncommitted contracts
  • Contingency status
  • Cash flow projections (budget, forecast and actual)
  • Agreed and estimated variations
  • Anticipated final cost
  • Retention status
  • All registers (payments/variations/site instructions)
  • Status on all construction bonds/insurances

At pre-contract stage, weekly ‘Tender Event Schedules’ are issued to make clear what actions and tasks are active and what tasks are due to happen next. During construction stages, variation or change order registers are issued every week so clients are fully aware of the financial impact of design changes during construction or at any point during the project. These independent reports are critical on projects where banks and project loan facilities/drawdowns are in place.

Want to resolve a construction contract claim?

A Quantity Surveyor can help resolve a claim by examining in detail contract clauses, itemised costs and providing an impact analysis. In our experience, detailed paper-work supported by a robust contractual standing and argument, has a much higher probability of winning a claim – even before it goes to arbitration or adjudication. For example, if a contractor has submitted a claim (Variation or Extension Of Time) a Quantity Surveyor can assist to determine if the claim is contractually valid or not. If your Quantity Surveyor believes the claim is not contractually valid – they can issue a detailed report in response to counter the heads of claim. If they believe the claim is valid – they will then work closely with all stakeholders to ensure that a fair cost and outcome is reached through rigorous review and negotiation.

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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

Our valued clients 

Altus Group Vietnam has fulfilled our requirements with their professionalism, dedication and expertise. The project was successfully delivered on time, on budget and in accordance with our high QA/QC standards.

Marius Mavrodin

General Director, Sika

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Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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