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Plan, evaluate, manage and oversee successful infrastructure assets with insightful and informed analysis

Public-private partnerships (PPP) are complicated by their very nature. They often involve multiple stakeholders, differing goals, long-term financial commitments and public opinion which all have an impact on the outcome.

Minimise risk and enhance control measures throughout the life cycle of PPP assets with objective advice and expert services. Our team of infrastructure specialists foster transparency between public and private stakeholders with objective expert oversight and reporting. We combine expertise in technical, commercial, contractual, financial, and operational matters, and provide:

  • Lenders’ Technical Advisor 
  • Independent Certifier
  • Financiers’ Certifier
  • Programme management
  • Commercial bid support
  • Cost Planning
  • Operations & maintenance adviser
  • Asset management advisory
  • Life cycle costing
  • Bid due diligence
  • Refinancing due diligence
  • Divestment due diligence

Be fully informed of asset performance prior to acquisition

Prior to a transaction, our lenders technical advisory team will undertake due diligence as part of the bid process.

Deliver PPP assets on time and on budget while minimising risk and maintaining transparency

With specialists assigned to protect your interests, we help you:

  • Uphold short and long-term budgets with comprehensive construction and maintenance cost analysis, planning, tracking and support
  • Set expectations and allocate risks using an objective approach to structured, transparent and balanced procurement models and strategies
  • Gain confidence in funding the construction of infrastructure projects with Lenders’ Technical Advisory reports that address technical and economic viability
  • Know whether the work on site complies with the obligations set out in the contracts – as Independent Certifiers, we scrutinize contracts, design and construction specifics to alert you of any defects and certify proper completion

Get the most value out of infrastructure assets with maintenance management best practices

Our team provides actionable insights on financial, procurement and maintenance matters, to:

  • Optimise the physical performance of systems and facilities throughout the asset lifecycle with best practices for facilities management
  • Ensure the operation of your infrastructure asset meets the design intent with expert advice on technical, operational and engineering matters
  • Provide objective clarity on technical matters such as maintenance, repairs and renovation to support financing
  • Outline the financial impact of facility management practices with lifecycle costing
  • Undertake technical due diligence as part of the refinancing process on behalf of debt & equity

Build strategic approaches to re-purposing infrastructure with foundations in technical and financial expertise

Our Lenders’ Technical Advisory team will provide advice to support informed decisions on risk, constructability, costs, schedules and approaches. Undertaking divestment due diligence on behalf of vendors and buyers of PPP assets. 

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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