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Offering impartial, trusted and experienced assessments and certification

It is common that development agreements between financiers and developers include the requirement to engage an independent certifier. The role of a certifier is to act in an independent and impartial manner on behalf of the developer or financier.

We pride ourselves on having a respected and reliable team with the right skills sets and level of experience to work proactively with all parties in delivering a successful project. 

We offer property developers:

  • An experienced, independent certifier with authority to make decisions
  • Prompt assessment of payment claims
  • Proactive approach to the information required for practical completion, avoiding the rush at the end of a project
  • A photographic report of any outstanding defects delivered directly after the practical completion inspection, assisting in avoiding any delays

We offer financiers:

  • Independent assessment of payment claims
  • Protection against financial exposure and proactive approach to identifying emerging risk
  • Peace of mind that practical completion will only be granted once the works are complete

Get peace of mind during critical stages of project delivery

  • Assess the proposed development costs to ascertain they are realistic and reasonable
  • Carry out monthly payment claim inspections and certification to ensure the contractor’s claims are fair and reasonable
  • Assess the ‘Cost to Complete’ on a monthly basis
  • Sign off ‘Practical Completion’ to confirm that all works are complete, and the developer has met all other requirements of the project deed or contract

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.


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