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Simplify your valuation management process and spend more time understanding the value of your assets and funds

DataExchange makes it easier to collaborate, exchange information and manage workflows across multiple organizations.

Core benefits:

  • Global platform
  • Automated and flexible workflows
  • Robust analytics
  • Centralized document storage
  • Better compliance
  • Intuitive and easy to use




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Appraisals annually

Given the volume of valuations that we receive on a monthly basis, DX has assisted us in tracking where each report is in the process and helps us address comments or questions for each appraisal, as they arise. It is a great tool to ensure everyone is on the same page and allows us to pinpoint issues so that solutions can be generated on a timely basis.

DataExchange client

DataExchange is a one-stop valuation management platform

Centralization of information that includes valuation data, files, and review comments

  • Efficiently access your files through structured folder storage and bulk download capabilities – no need to store files in multiple locations
  • Find important documents that span over periods (such as rent rolls, plans, budgets etc.) without having to re-upload them at the start of every valuation cycle
  • Track and review comments – avoid lost communications or buried information in emails
  • Track all RFPs in one place and never miss quotes from vendors

Workflow automation, intuitive task management and invoicing functionality

  • Standardize the valuation management process across all your funds – whether managed through Altus Group, another firm, or self-managed by your organization
  • Supports granular process such as tracking and approving Daily Events occurring within the asset to Annual Review process, and everything in between (monthly, quarterly and semi-annual processes)
  • Reduces the time to initiate and complete appraisals, cuts down on training time, and allows organizations to easily adopt the appraisal review process for multiple funds
  • Modern user interface and mobile friendly for specific approval workflows

Better decision making through analytics

  • See trends in assumptions for assets
  • Compare current quarter values with a robust benchmark index in real-time as you review draft appraisal reports
  • A consolidated view of all historical valuations performed for an asset
  • Consistent use in all regions and markets globally
  • Full audit trail for all assignment activities
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