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Create cost certainty at every stage of design development

Whether you are planning, constructing, renovating or operating your real estate assets, you need an accurate picture of the associated costs to avoid budget overruns and unnecessary change orders.

An accurate cost plan, presented in a clear and informative format, allows for well-informed decisions to be made. Proactively manage all modifications and additional provisions to allow for the most effective use of capital and identify whether or not funds are being applied in a logical way. Cost control during the design process and throughout procurement and construction will ensure that the budget is maintained to completion.

We provide clients with accurate projections of construction cost, the best possible value for money and strategies to mitigate risk.

Support business, development and funding agreements with initial cost estimates

While purchasing a site or considering a development, you need a reliable cost estimate to make key due diligence decisions.

Partner with our team of cost consultants for initial cost estimates and budget strategies based on accurate and extensive benchmark data from real, comparable, completed and live projects in your market.

Maintain project budgets with regular cost management and value engineering

Details of your overall project and its components evolve and become more defined as design progresses. To stay on top of your project budget, you should regularly gauge the current design to the original budget and quantify the cost of those refined details with updated estimates.

When market and project conditions change, you need a meticulous cost consultant on your side to help you manage your design and cost scheme with agility.

As you move towards construction, the cost estimate gives you an accurate projection that you can use to benchmark and negotiate with the construction marketplace when it comes time to break ground.

Looking to repurpose or refresh your existing building?

We develop a feasibility study and evaluate sensitivity factors to help you navigate through your options. Once you establish which option to pursue, partner with us to develop and manage the costs.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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