Canadian investor intentions and expert opinion from industry stakeholders

Every quarter, senior Altus Group professionals reach out to over 200 investors, managers, owners, lenders, analysts and other market stakeholders across Canada to survey their opinion on value trends and perspectives.  Conducted with the same benchmark properties for more than 15 years, the survey provides valuable insights on investor preferences and valuation parameters for 32 asset classes in Canada’s eight largest markets.

The objective of the Investment Trends Survey is to study the perception of key decision makers and to interpret the trends that will impact future markets. We look into overall capitalization rate trends, inflation, threats and motivation for investment, supply vs. demand real estate trends, average borrowing costs, overall momentum ratios, tenant retention rates and more.

The questionnaire is distributed each quarter to professionals within the commercial real estate investment community in Canada and the broad range of respondents is considered by our statisticians to be an accurate representation of the commercial real estate market.

The history

Having conducted this survey since 1999, our data allows us to provide an unmatched historical perspective. The results of the surveys are delivered online in our portal and provide subscribers with access to a wide range of charts, all of which can be downloaded. In addition to the most current quarter results, selected subscribers can access complete historical data on 12 different report types, covering the four major property types in eight markets across Canada.

Example historical chart from Altus Group’s Investment Trends Survey showing overall capitalization rates across the markets we cover.

The contributors

A large proportion of the Canadian real estate community are not only contributors to our survey but also subscribers – a testament to our reputation as one of the leaders in market data.

Contributors to the survey include:

  • Ownership side of pension funds and pension fund advisors
  • Publicly traded corporations & REITs
  • Lending and ownership side of banks
  • Life companies
  • Investment banks
  • Real estate brokers
  • Real estate analysts
  • Foreign and domestic private companies

Sample from Q4 2019

The results

The results of the survey represent an informed consensus opinion. However, it is important to note that discretion is required with respect to the interpretation of the valuation parameters. In today’s rapidly changing investment market, survey results can lag behind actual transaction details and indicate lower/higher valuation parameters.

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