The go-to source for market intelligence and forecasts on Canadian housing activity for over 40 years

Staying on top of housing trends and applying those insights to your decision-making is imperative to your business strategy, especially in today’s environment.  The Altus Group Housing Report has been in publication since 1975, and its readers have come to rely on it for timely information on what is impacting housing markets across Canada today.

Topics vary from issue to issue, including the new condominium market, resale and rental market trends, new single-family market, seniors housing, student housing, renovations, and more.

1975 edition of the Altus Group Housing Report

The Altus Group Housing Report today

Your executive summary on the new, resale and rental housing sectors in Canada

Use the analysis and insights within this unique report to:

  • Stay up-to-date on national and local market trends
  • Supplement your current access to granular, local market data with CMA and a national perspective
  • Leverage our market activity forecasts
  • Assess key activities in markets outside of your own that may present opportunities or risks
  • Gain insight into sectors of the housing market in which you may not be active

The report: An executive-style brief (6-10 pages), with charting, illustrative examples and expert commentary. Each issue includes valuable insights and commentary on the state of the housing market across Canada in an easy-to-read and understand format.

Frequency: Twelve (12) issues a year: Eight (8) issues focus on a specific housing topic, and four (4) issues are devoted to our quarterly housing forecast, a short-term outlook for the new home sector at the national and regional level and for selected major markets.


  • Concise summary of key statistics and KPIs on the housing market
  • Commentary and expert opinion on trends, risks and activities
  • Insights into local market trends and how they relate to the national perspective
  • Quarterly forecasts on key supply and construction metrics

Leveraging the Altus Group Housing Report

In this informational webinar, our experts provide an overview of what is included in the report and demonstrate how to use the insights and analysis to:

  • Gain a national housing-market perspective
  • Understand changes in housing policy and demographics, and the implications for housing demand
  • Access unique, data-driven research insights not available elsewhere
  • Identify opportunities and minimize risk by looking at current and future market trends
  • Understand how Altus Group’s data sets can be integrated with macro market data sources such as the Bank of Canada, CMHC and Statistics Canada

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