Gain a complete perspective on the new and resale condominium apartment market

There are endless sources of information and commentary telling you what is happening in Canada’s key condominium markets. Many address just the resale market, a handful will speak to new condominium developments, but rarely will you get both. You need the full picture if you are going to base critical business decisions on this intelligence.

A paid subscription to the Condominium Apartment Monitor provides you with an overall understanding of resale and new condo trends and activities in the Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal markets, so you can properly assess the risks and opportunities.

Track KPIs and market benchmarks

Today’s market is fast-paced and you need to stay on top of the market in order to adjust your strategy on the fly. To benchmark your project, assess the competitive landscape and determine your best course of action, you need timely market intelligence.

The Condominium Apartment Monitor provides you with a succinct summary of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) you should be paying attention to.  The report gives you a high-level market dashboard, new condo and resale KPIs, and that next level of clarity and insight into market trends.

Key market-tracking material:

  • Details on new, high-rise sector (condominium apartment, loft, stacked townhouse)
  • Broader resale and new home market context
  • Dashboard with key performance metrics (KPIs)
  • New condominium apartment project openings
  • Periodic custom analytics and new market insights
  • Insights on consumer housing-related behaviour and homebuying intentions

Frequency of publication:

  • Vancouver – quarterly
  • Toronto – monthly

Our Montreal report

Published quarterly, the Montreal New Condominium Apartment report is a unique edition that captures a more in-depth study of the Greater Montreal market. 

Key market tracking material:

  • Details on all current and active condominium projects – including product breakdown, sales history, pricing and more
  • Broader resale and new home market context
  • Concise summary of key statistics and KPIs on the condo market
  • Project details for every newly launched project (20 units+)
  • Quarterly and annual sales forecasts
  • A look at project performance, inventory and absorption
  • Commentary and expert opinion on local market trends, risks and activities

16-minute informational webinar about the report:

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