Manage your property development risk and opportunities with development application monitoring

Gain competitive insight at an early stage and better understand the different types of risk in property development, opportunities and potential in your market. Our comprehensive, researcher-verified development application data provides context and critical analysis with standardized, easy-to-understand metrics throughout the entire application approval cycle for all built-forms.

Get a realistic view of the real estate landscape

For the first time, our centralized and standardized development application database allows you to:

  • See into the future market to better understand the dynamics within the supply pipeline
  • Monitor potential new supply of inventory coming to market
  • Monitor the area around your existing assets for factors that can impact your portfolio, such as increased foot traffic or new retail stores
  • Use historical transactions to identify good value acquisitions and negotiate deals
  • Construct best and worst case scenarios to manage your projects and gauge your profitability
  • Validate your thesis to determine whether you should pursue an opportunity

Download our Eglinton LRT Public Transit Expansion Case Study to understand how our development application, commercial transaction, leasing, and new home sales data can help you identify opportunities, determine development potential and evaluate investment returns.

Gain competitive insight

See into the future development pipeline for all asset types. Track new development plans to gauge future competition, investment opportunities, or key redevelopments that may impact your development strategy.

Access critical data like land values, approval status, final price per sq. ft. or unit buildable, density and gross floor area by asset type.

Get valuable context for the approval process

Understand the complete history of how a development project came to be. Stay on top of the approval process for a specific development and learn about important commitee and community meetings, Appeal Board hearing dates and other critical project impacts or delays.

Sample screenshot of Altus Data Studio development application record

Manage your risk

Make smarter land acquisition decisions and better understand the risk of an early investment. Follow the planning cycle of developments in the market to understand the impact of new planning policies, approval timing and densities achieved, giving you greater insight into the market risks, opportunities and potential.

Altus Data Studio development application record on a laptop screen in front of an office window

Mine for opportunities

Monitor development applications and be the first to seize new opportunities. Identify thousands of properties instantly and view critical transaction details such as past acquisition price, owner, financing terms and renewals.

Altus Data Studio map search screenshot

Track the entire development cycle, from concept to completion

Get a 360° view of the development market and follow new development projects from beginning to end. Track land acquisitions, entitlements, planning approvals, residential development project launches, monthly sales absorption, new condo construction starts, occupancy, commercial developments, purpose-built rental, mixed-use, and more – all in one place.

Asset types:

  • Affordable housing
  • Commercial
  • Hotel
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Mixed-use
  • Office
  • Purpose-built rental
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Retirement
  • Student Housing


  • City of Vancouver
  • Burnaby
  • North Vancouver
  • City of Toronto


All residential applications with 20+ units, and non-residential applications over 20,000 sq. ft.

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